Cherry Grove

Cherry Grove has been lost to Hanover County. A development plan for the property has been approved, and the structure is expected to be torn down and rebuilt or re-purposed in Goochland County.

Cherry Grove is located on Bell Creek Road, Route 642. The date of construction cannot be documented, but its first known owner was Thomas G. Clarke who was born on 18 October 1786 and died March 19, 1857 (his tombstone was originally located on the old Starke property on Route 360 and moved to Hollywood Cemetery when Route 295 was constructed). Clarke was living at Cherry Grove in the 1850's and his real estate was valued at $10,000.

In 1858, Martha M. Clarke, executrix of Thomas G. Clarke, conveyed the property to John D. Hunt who in turn conveyed it to Henry C. Wingfield, son of Ralph Wingfield, who was a neighbor of the Clarkes in 1850. Wingfield deeded Cherry Grove to Joseph J. McCue and Mary E., his wife. In September of 1862, the Cherry Grove property was divided into smaller tracts and James Via became its next owner.

By 1876 James Via had died, and his children were involved in a chancery suit. The Commissioners appointed by the Court divided Via's lands equally among his children, who were: Mary Frances (Via) Loving; Georgianna (Via) Martin; William C. Via; Tremanda (Via) Warren; Martha E. Via; Clarence C. Via; and James G. Via. William C. Via received Lot No. 1 of five acres, including the mansion house. Mary Frances Loving received Lot 3 lying in two lots of 9½ acres each, situated on both sides of Lots 1 and 2.

Later James W. and his wife Mary Frances (Via) Loving came into possession of the estate identified as Via land and deeded it to Isaac W. Loving in 1909, who conveyed it to Parker Wilson Loving in 1942.

Parker Wilson Loving and Mary Coleman Loving didn't hold ownership for long, and in 1948 deeded the property to Russell W. Craig and Mary B., his wife, who in 1954 sold to Walter D. and Lillian S. Whitehead. Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Powell, Jr. lived at Cherry Grove for many years, starting in 1963.

Carolyn L. King is the current owner of Cherry Grove. The property is planned for development, which will result in the destruction or possible removal of the home to Goochland County.

Cherry Grove in 1968 and 1981. Photos courtesy of Leah Taylor.
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