The Hanover County Historical Society, Inc. a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation, was formed on April 2, 1967. By the Spring of 1969, the Society had a lease agreement with Hanover County to utilize the unused Old Jail as its headquarters, climate-controlled accessions storage and the establishment and opening the first Hanover History Museum, which was open over the course of the next 40 years on a limited basis.

Our mission is To preserve and promote Hanover County's rich history and heritage, which we fulfill through research, assistance to citizens and organizations, educational programs and advocacy in historical site preservation. We collaborate and work hand in hand with other Hanover associations, such as The Hanover Tavern Foundation, Historic Polegreen Foundation, The Hanover County Black Heritage Society, The Parsons' Cause Foundation and The Ashland Museum, as well as in statewide and National initiatives. We worked with many of these organizations as they developed into the great and significant organizations and groups they are today.

The Bulletin, which has been indexed, provides well-researched articles and first-person historical documentation. Our artifacts are held in the historic "Old Stone Jail" adjacent to the very Court House wherein Patrick Henry gave the famous 1763 Parson's Cause speech.

The Hanover County historical Society was first organized on April 2, 1967. The Organizing Members present on this date were as follows:

Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Anderson (now Mrs. Marion Ruffin Jones)
Mrs. William T. Anderson * (Mrs. Percie)
Mr. Hugh Campbell
Mrs. H. B. Gillespie * (Harry Bonds, Mrs. Jane T.)
Mrs. Margaret P. Graham * (Mr. Malcome or Malverse)
Mr. and Mrs. Claiborne Gregory (Norine) **
Mrs. I. K. Redd * (Israel Kay Redd, Mrs. Roberta)
Mr. and Mrs. William Shelton (Mrs. Holly)**
Mr. E. C. Taylor (Edward Carroll Taylor, Sr.) *
Captain Williams C. Wickham, USN (Ret) *
Mr. and Mrs. Williams C. Wickham, Jr. (Mrs. Lois) **
Miss Frances Byrd Winston (Miss Kitty)*
Miss Josephine Winston *

* Deceased
** Both Deceased

Miss Frances Winston was recognized in the minutes of the first meeting for her work and effort in pushing for the establishment of the Society.
Officers elected:
Mr. Hugh Campbell, President
Miss Frances B. Winston, Vice President
Mrs. William T. Anderson, Recording Secretary
Mrs. Margaret P. Graham, Corresponding Secretary
Mr. E. C. Taylor, Treasurer
Presidents of the Hanover County Historical Society

Hugh Campbell
Sterling P. Anderson, Jr.
Dr. J. Paul McConnell*
Robert Bolling Lancaster*
Sterling P. Anderson, Jr.
The Rev. Charles A. Joy
Dr. William Wingfield*
Mrs. E. G. (Leah) Taylor*
Patti Loughridge
Louis A. Wright*
Anne Geddy Cross
Linda H. Marks
Ellen C. Garati
Anne Geddy Cross
Barbara Awad*
Arthur H. Taylor, III
Benjamin C. Cleary, Jr.
Virginia C. (Ginny) Smithson Burnett
Ashley Neville
C. Lindsay Ryland
Arthur H. Taylor, III
Arthur H. Taylor, III
Arthur H. Taylor, III
Faye M. Wade
Faye M. Wade
Arthur H. Taylor, III