The Hanover County Historical Society's Annual Christmas Dinner Meeting took place on Tuesday, December 8 at Covenant Woods. Some 42 people attended the event, elected the Society's Officers for 2016-2017, and enjoyed a display of some of the Society's most interesting historical artifacts.

Outgoing president Art Taylor described some of the Society's achievements during the six years of his leadership, including:
  • establishment and development of a vibrant and engaging website;
  • prosecution of the program "Uncovering Hanover's History";
  • promotion and development of the programs of the Sesquicentennial Committee and its popular brochure, and recognition as one of sixteen Virginia organizations with a Leadership Award;
  • initiation of a major effort to establish a History Museum in Hanover Courthouse in the government campus;
  • successful implementation of the Patrick Henry Leadership Awards over six years;
  • realization of the donation of a Chickering Square Grand Piano;
  • engagement of popular speakers at General Meetings; and
  • republication of two books now on sale at
The Society's Curator, Dale P. Talley, conducted a fascinating program displaying some of the Society's major accessions. These included:

  • a letter (1847) to his family from the Mexican War Hanover soldier Sylvester Gray, 8th US Infantry, who was present at Vera Cruz and Cerro Gordo, but who apparently died from disease at Puebla;
  • a letter from Robert E. Lee to Mr. Winston in Hanover;
  • an Enfield rifled musket ca. 1862;
  • several ladies' garments (late 19th Century), including a beautiful pelerine.

Incoming president Faye M. Wade

A cavalry helmet and belt of the style worn at the end of the 19th century, and a Surgeon's Kit, ca. 1855-1865
Elected unanimously for

President - Faye M. Wade
1st VP Programs -
Arthur H. Taylor, III
2nd VP Membership -
Dale P. Talley
Recording Secretary -
Gail Olberg
Treasurer -
Cynthia W. Lowry