David Deal is the Executive Director of the Hanover Tavern Foundation.

Deal earned a bachelor's begree in history at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, after which he spent twenty years in sales, marketing, management and consulting in the telecommunications industry, fourteen years of which were with MCI. He spent four years in healthcare sales with ACS Insurance and Integrated Pharmacy Solutions.

 Mr. Deal served on the Hanover County Architectural Review Board and the Hanover County Historical Commission from 1998 to 2009, and was the chairman of both for numerous years. From 2000 to 2009, he was also a member of the Hanover County Courthouse Advisory Board.

David protrays Cleavers Chisholm, proprietor of the Hanover Tavern during the Civil War, each year for the Tavern's three-week "living history" educational event, which is held for 4th grade students from Hanover County and surrounding areas: Public, private and home schools are served by this program. This year, over 2,500 students attended the Tavern's fifteen one day, multi-station history learning events.

David Deal as Cleavers Chisholm,
19th century proprietor of the Hanover Tavern.
David and his wife Pati, son Coley and daughter Catie live in an early 19th-century home in Hanover County, which they are restoring. They collect 18th- and early 19th-century American antique furnishings.
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